Past Inspired Sculpture 7

Sculpture in the public domain faces environmental conditions which slowly change the appearance of the piece.  Unlike, cosseted gallery pieces, they are subject to greater weathering and vandalism.

I recently revisited a piece where this change and growth had become really striking since my first visit.  It is a wonderful piece of red sandstone carved in 1996 by artist Tim Pomeroy.


Entitled Tree of People it portrays elements of the past, people emerge from the base of the trunk of the stone tree.  Particular trades and professions, such as weaver and miner, soldier and teacher (some of which are now historical) hold tools of the past.



Tree of People 3

It also represents other monumental forms of stone, on one side of the sculpture a hand cradles Hamilton Mausoleum.

Tree of People 4

Tree of People 5

Above all the surface of the piece now reveals the ongoing interaction between the stone and its environment.  Slowly transforming from warm glowing red sandstone, to speckled greys and greens of mosses and lichens.

The stone tree of people is increasingly permeated with organic life.

Tree of People 6

Tree of People 7


Tree of People 8

Perhaps, with its inspirations from the past, if we pause and look, it can also slowly grow and sustains cultural life?

Perhaps it helps connects us to the roots, to our trees of people?

Tree of People 9



The pictures were taken from 2004, 2012 and 2015.

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