Past Inspired Sculpture 1

I have long had an interest in sculpture in the public domain.  Often created as part of new developments or as urban regeneration schemes, it has always struck me how many pieces appear to reference elements of the past: whether intentionally or unintentionally ?

Indeed Professor Andrew Patrizio has discussed in an excellent book, Contemporary Sculpture in Scotland, the relationship between the history of Scottish sculpture, the metaphor of archaeology and excavation, and the historical / archaeological narratives of Scotland’s past.

In this respect, one of my favourite pieces, which overtly (re)presents aspects of the past is First Conundrum by artist Remco de Feuw.  Key elements of the piece are scaled up versions of Neolithic carved stone balls. These are enigmatic objects from Scotland, at least 4500 years old, and are often described as sitting comfortably in the palm of a hand…unlike the monumental ones above !

It would be great to hear about other examples of past inspired sculpture…


11 thoughts on “Past Inspired Sculpture 1

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  2. Not so much sculpture but definitely designed landscapes in Glenrothes where the street plan was laid out to echo and surround the Barfarg Henge. There are also the giant ceramic ‘stone axes’ made by the Devon potter Svend Bayer but I’m not sure where these are exhibited.

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