The Art Of Urban Prehistory

A recent edition of Urban Realm has an interesting piece on urban sculpture by John Glenday with views from Andy Scott and David Harding.  In the piece, Great Outdoors, the legacy of public art in the new town of Glenrothes, Fife, is highlighted: something mentioned in a comment on an earlier post by Sheltering Memory.  Not least as four pieces of public art have apparently been Listed, which now affords them some protection in the planning system.  Of these David Harding’s pieces ‘Henge’ and ‘Industry, Past and Present’ perhaps most explicitly reference the past before the New Town.


More information can be found about the public art of Glenrothes in a recent publication by Historic Scotland ‘Places – Glenrothes Town Art’.  This details several trails in the town, so its certainly worth some time exploring the public art of Glenrothes.

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