Past Inspired Sculpture 4

WaterlinesWaterlines by Marian Leven & Will Maclean is located in the public space in front of the RIAS 2013 award winning The Sir Duncan Rice Library at the University of Aberdeen.

The shape of the piece, two monoliths of Kilkenny Blue Limestone, and form of incised lines evokes Pictish carvings. The piece also refers to the Aberdeen built sailing ship the Thermopylae, launched in 1868: apparently the fastest sailing ship ever constructed.

At the foot of the monoliths is an inscribed poem by Peter Davidson:

Poem - Peter Davidson

It clearly evokes the maritime heritage of Aberdeen but also refers to the standings stones which can still be found in the wider landscape referring to the ‘crow stone’ and ‘maiden stone’.

For more thoughts about this piece, from the artists Will Maclean and Marian Leven, please watch the video.  Well worth watching about Past Inspired Sculpture: markers in the landscape.


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Past Inspired Sculpture 2

Past Inspired Sculpture 3

For more info about Waterlines there is an interesting review by Georgina Coburn at Northings.