Materials and Myths

The Minatour's Rock Glass

Lured from the blasted uplands, drawn by the faint green glow,

DSC_0786Industriously, trapped, caged in a landscape of stone and metal,

Narrowing perspectives, fleeting glimpses of forms,

Lost in the Maze

What kind of strange creatures, out of time, out of place,

wander within these mythical walls?


The ‘Minotaur’ was produced in 2003, by the architect Nick Coombe and artist Shona Kitchen, and is part of the Art and Architecture to be found around the landscape of Kielder Water, Northumberland.  The piece comprises a maze like structure of gabion baskets filled with recycled rock glass (apparently back lit by fibre optics) and local whinstone.   More details of the Kielder Art and Architecture can be found at the website.  The wider landscape contains traces of industry, mineral lines and lime kilns, the historical activity of which perhaps jars with contemporary yearnings for wildness and solitude from our uplands.

Industrial TracesExploration of the maze also provided a rare, albeit brief, sighting of the urban prehistorian* outwith their natural habitat…!

*The insights of the urban prehistorian on the ‘Minotaur’ can be read in a simulblog.