Creative Junction

This is such a striking example of how we could make our streets far more interesting.

nadfly sinclair town junction

This is a partnership project between Sustrans and Fife Council.

The Sinclairtown Kirkcaldy junction markings are designed to change how this part of The Fairway is viewed by motorists. By creating an unconventional design at two junctions closest to where pupils cross on the school journey the designs are meant to signify to drivers that this part of the street is not an average street and that there is a need to be more alert and aware of the surroundings and other road users.

The Sinclairtown Kirkcaldy junction are design by Nicola Atkinson / NADFLY, an artist who is based in Glasgow, whose approach involved public engagement to arrive at the designs.

nadfly sinclair town junction 1

Are there any other examples of different approaches to junction markings which you can think of ?

(Many thanks to Nicola Atkinson / NADFLY for text and images)