Mice O’ Mote O’ Mark

One year of heritagelandscapecreativity has just passed, so this post has a celebratory tone to it.

On a recent visit to Mote of Mark, an important 5th – 7th century AD fort at Rockcliffe, Dumfries and Galloway,

Mote of Markwe spotted a mouse.


there on the stair, …

Mouse on the StairRather than being startled and scurrying away, it sat in the path with half shut eyes.

A few steps further up, we then encountered another sleepy mouse content to loll about in the sun before us.

Bleary Eyed MouseUpon descending from the fort, we spotted a further cluster of mice at the side of the path, and scratched our heads at what appeared to be a strange lack of timidness amongst the (brave ?) Mice O’ Mote O’ Mark.

Cluster O' MiceMy son then discovered, a mouse hole, within which a clue to this strange behaviour was revealed.

SourceCrab Apple TreeThe rodent population had been feasting on windfall crab apples, a simple act of fermentation had intoxicated them, and they enjoyed the rest of the day.

Ah the tipsy Mice O’ Mote O’ Mark, continue the ancient tradition of feasting and drinking, which this site had almost certainly witnessed before…

…long may their celebration of heritage and landscape continue.


Many thanks to all of those who have followed, commented, liked, tweeted, blogged, in relation to heritagelandscapecreativity over the past year.  Your interest, enthusiasm and encouragement has been greatly appreciated.


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