Making Apples from Guns

Orchard Sign Swords to ploughshares, but now we may have to think of from guns to apples.  Comrie Community Orchard is a great example of the imaginative reuse of a heritage site.  The remains of an assault course and firing range have been incorporated into the plans for the future.

Obstacles for Growth

Obstacles are being used to train fruit trees.

Assault CourseCompost bins are situated along the side of the firing range.

Compost Bins

And a wonderful wooden Shepherd’s Hut has been made by a local crafts person and situated in the growing orchard.

The Shepherd's Hut

I love the mix of the reuse of the old with new introductions such as The Shepherd’s Hut.  As the orchard matures this will become a distinctive and peaceful place.  Even better in due course, for those who help tend the orchard, it will provide food to sustain and share….


Comrie Community Orchard is located at Cultybraggan Camp, Perthshire, which was subject to a community buy out in 2007 through Comrie Development Trust (CDT).  Watch out for another post about the other elements of Cultybraggan Camp in the next few weeks. 

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