Glasgow’s Schools of Art

Glasgow School of Art (GSA), is world renowned as a center of creativity, synonymous with the striking Mackintosh building at the heart of its campus.

Glasgow School of ArtI only recently discovered, through a commemorative sign elsewhere in the city, that GSA had previously been located at two other places before it was housed in the Mackintosh building.  The previous buildings would have undoubtedly been architecturally very different, in style and arrangement of space, from the Mackintosh building.

GSA pre-Mackintosh signageThere is further change for Glasgow School of Art, with another striking building currently emerging close to the Mackintosh building.

Glasgow School of Art - FutureThe new campus building is in striking contrast to the Art Nouveau style of Charles Rennie Mackintosh.  It is designed by Steven Holl Architects who explain the relationship to past on the site, including a drumlin (a post glacial geo-morphological mound upon which the buildings sit), and in their design of the new building.  They also reflect on the future, considering the:

potential to transform the GSA’s presence in the city to a 21st century vibrant, cutting-edge art school that simultaneously values continuity with history.’

Further information, including a webcam showing the construction works, can be found at the GSA Campus Redevelopment website.  It will be interesting to see how well this ‘complementary contrast’ of styles works when completed.

GSA, tangled in an historical web of different places, buildings and styles…and looking to the future.


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