Terre Des Hommes

I wasn’t able to walk within this landscape…

Bali - designed by Liz Eeuwesas it is a fabulous rug designed by Liz Eeuwes depicting the Balinese landscape.

She has designed two collections of handmade rugs.  The first in 2009 was entitled Landscapes and comprises three rugs portraying aerial views of landscapes, together which show the striking difference in field systems and settlement patterns through landscapes from Netherlands, Bali and Scotland.

Strathmore / Kansas by Liz Eeuwes

The second collection Terre Des Hommes continues to explore landscapes but through more abstract designs inspired by the ways in which landscapes are evoked through storytelling.

More thoughts about the designer’s inspirations from landscapes, storytelling and carving can be found at the Eeuwes website.  It would be wonderful to experience one of these landscapes everyday but, they are so beautiful, I do not know if I could bring myself to walk upon them…

They are however on display till the 14th of December at South Block.


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