Seeing “Sun Tunnels”

5000 Years of Human Creativity and Nancy Holt’s ‘Sun Tunnels’: wow wish I could be there.


One of the most significant pieces of land art ever created, Nancy Holt’s “Sun Tunnels”,  sits alone in a vast, barren landscape. Don’t believe me? Check it out here.

Or, if you’re a true seeker, you can do more than just point and click: join the artist Nancy Holt for a viewing of Sun Tunnels. (Find directions here). This incredible (and free) event will be happening on Saturday October 20 at 6:00pm.

The UMFA is so thrilled to have Nancy Holt, and we invite you to take full advantage of all the incredible upcoming opportunities to see her work and hear her speak. These are some good bets:

Thursday October 18 at 5:00pm  Nancy Holt Sightlines Opening Celebration (FREE)

Saturday October 20 at 6:00pm  “Sun Tunnels” viewing with artist Nancy Holt (FREE)

Tuesday October 23 at 4:00pm  Art Talk: Sun Tunnels Construction/Reconstruction (FREE)

And, in the mean time, track down

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