Into The Earth: The Archaeology of Darkness

Landscape is experienced in a range of variable conditions, such as different weather and temperatures, changing light conditions and degrees of illumination.  Most of our contemporary experience of landscapes is during daylight, or if not, in urban contexts under harsh street lighting.

Moving through a landscape at night can be in remarkable contrast to daytime.  It can also be a highly variable experience: from traveling in what at first seems complete darkness through woodland on a cloudy moonless night, to walking along mountain paths on the night of a full moon.  The senses respond differently…

And nothing can compare to being in the true darkness of a deep cave with no illumination…!

At the end of the month, there is going to be what look to be a very interesting a conference, Into the Earth: The Archaeology of Darkness, at the Institute of Technology, Sligo.

One theme which will be explored is the ways in which individuals and darkness interacted in the past, and how this may have transformed places in the landscape in due course.


4 thoughts on “Into The Earth: The Archaeology of Darkness

  1. That looks a fascinating subject: I must look out for a publication about this meeting. Thanks for visiting my blog ‘A prehistoric play school’ at about finger flutings made by children in the depths of a cave at Ruffignac, France, 13,000 years ago, which is very relevant to the subject of your blog. This was about a talk given by Jess Cooney. It’s fascinating to imagine those children making the marks with their fingers, just as our own children do in mud or sand on the sea shore today.

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  3. A really interesting post. I’ve excavated in caves before, and can appreciate the entirely different environment they create; physically and sensory. I’d not been aware of the conference before – an interesting concept.

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